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Gallery of Custom Works & Previously Sold Items

Over the years, I have crafted a number of custom creations, and some of my favorite pieces have found new homes. Since these are not available for purchase, I wanted to feature them in a sort of gallery. If any of these items inspire you to request a custom piece, please contact me and we can discuss.
hanging sign for 'The Natural Nook - Affordable Eco-Friendly Gifts'
The Natural Nook
Custom 2-part hanging sign for a fellow hand-crafted business.
Tiger-striped recipe card box
Striped Recipe card box
Customer provided a stripe pattern which I replicated onto the box, adding the word "Recipes" to the front.
pyrography with watercolor - pink rose on heart-shaped wood
Pink Rose on Heart
This wood piece came from a thirft store, and was one of my first pieces testing out the combination of watercolors with pyrography.
wooden keychains with pyrography and watercolors
Custom Keychains
These 2-sided wooden charms feature woodburning and pyrography, and were made custom as part of a pay-it-forward crafting campaign.
Pair of candlestick holders pyrographed with spirals
Candlestick Holders with Spirals
Another thrift-store wood purchase, I burned various spirals and trim edges on this pair of candlestick holders.
'Keeping In Touch' stationery box
Stationery Box
Somewhere to store writing acourtraments, perfect for those keeping the lost art of handwriting letters alive.
Best Friends picture frame
Best Friends picture frame
Simple, classic keepsake featuring the words "Best Friends" and burnt edging.
Wooden runes with storage box
Runes w/ Storage Box
A full set of Elder Futhark runes (1" diameter disks) with a small latching chest-like box with the runes spread out along all 4 sides and a triple moon and pentacle design on the lid.
oval plaque with long thin dragon and quote
Don't Tickle the Dragon
Oval plaque featuring the quote "if you can't handle the heat, don't tickle the dragon" and a long, thin dragon across the middle.
Love Stamp with watercolors
LOVE stamp w/ watercolors
This small rectangle plaque was perfect for a rendition of the classic LOVE stamp. I added my own touch with pastel watercolors.
square box with rainbow lotus leaves encircling a large om symbol in the center of the lid
Rainbow Lotus Om box
These short wide boxes have a lot of wonderful blank space on top - this particular one was intended for storing crystals and reiki items.
recipe card box featuring kitchen imagery on the sides and a sun, moon, and stars on the lid
Rindy's Cafe recipe card box
Customized for a gift, this box features celestial symbols on the lid and various restaraunt-themed graphics around the sides, burned and painted with watercolors.
celtic cross plaque
Celtic Cross
I really enjoy the celtic knotwork designs with all of the overlapping and interlacing. This cross was a fun exercise in that work.
group of 8 round wooden ornaments featuring orange ribbon and 'in memory of Allie'
In Memory ornaments
A custom order of multiple ornaments, honoring the memory of a family member who passed from childhood cancer. These are approximately 3" in diameter and the ribbon was painted with watercolors.
long plaque using various religious symbols to spell out 'coexist'
COEXIST plaque
This design (and others like it) are often found on shirts and send a message that we can work together for a better world.
3 small striped boxes featuring symbols and phrases such as 'Thoughts Become Things'
Manifestation boxes
Inspired by the idea that we can write our desires on a paper and set them aside for the Universe to take control over, I created a series of boxes for holding those wishes and dreams.
large plaque featuring unique butterfly/angel/goddess design
Butterfly Angel Goddess
An interesting and detailed design I really enjoyed working with, this spiral goddess body is surrounded by ornate butterfly wings and features a cluster of light above her head.
kanji Happiness symbol on small wooden charm hanging from wooden beaded macramé choker necklace
Kanji Happiness necklace
Combining two of my crafting forms, I burned the charm for this necklace, then knotted the hemp with wooden beads and the charm to create a macramé necklace.
POW/MIA plaque
POW/MIA plaque
This was an experience working with negative space and large solid burned areas. It features the design from the national Prisoners of War/Missing in Action flag.
multiple wooden magnets (oval, circle, rectangle) on a white fridge door
Small pieces of art are sometimes better - these magents can still be detailed, but are faster for me to create and cheaper for you to buy as gifts.
pair of custom altar boxes
Custom Altar boxes
The customer ordered these unfinished boxes and had them sent to me for burning. I adorned the boxes with celtic knotwork, their names, and other symbols they requested.
circular plaque featuring a pair of dragons in a yin yang pattern
Yin Yang Dragons
Another highly-detailed design with lots of whispys and fine points. I really enjoyed the use of negative space here as well.